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Andrew Sharapov
Andrew Sharapov

Minsk, Belarus

Art-director and kbds.agency founder with Master of Arts degree. Working in digital design since 2006.

art-direction, branding, creative, graphic design, logo, ux, web design

  1. Logo for ticket booking service tickets booking ticket
  2. Jamfloats woofer speaker inflatable rubber float pool tube
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  4. Homzi logo architecture interior home
  5. UX Cabin logo logo forest camp hut tent cabin
  6. Icon set outline icons
  7. Palletfly Logo angel fly wings pallet logo
  8. Logo ideas for a non-profit organization logo hourglass clock
  9. Logo for a printing service color stone cmyk print
  10. Logo for an UI analytics service tap tocuh gesture finger
  11. Logo for a cleaning service glass clean window wash
  12. Logo for a start-up inflatable rubber float pool tube
  13. A tag for House DJ typography design graffiti eq spectrun dj logo
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